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Q: How do I get my event listed?

Listing is simple. All you need to do is complete this simple online form and provide as much information as you have, including:

  • Event Name
  • Event Contact Email
  • Event Dates
  • Event Cost
  • Event Location
  • Booking Closing Date
  • Brief event description
  • Address of the Event Web Site (if available)
  • A copy of the Event Flyer (if available)

Then sit back and wait for your event to be listed.

Q: Are there any criteria to be listed?

To be listed events must meet a few simple criteria:

  • Be open to network members from across the country
  • Be recognised by your district, county or national HQ as an official event

To be listed events don't need to be massive, expecting people from all four corners of the country. You might be holding a fundraising evening, a day trip out, a link event and just fancy the chance of seeing a few new faces. It might be a network member from a nearby network or a network member in the area on work, or visiting friends and just looking for something interesting to do who sees your event.

Q: Why have you produced this site?

As a network member I found it hard to track down information about events around the country. I don't want others to suffer the loss of opportunity by not knowing about the wide range of fabulous events around the country. This is my way of helping ensure everyone knows what is going on, where and when.

Q: Can I use your list of events on my site?

I aim to make Network Events the first place people turn to find events open to Network members. With this wealth of information it makes sense to share, so to help this I provide an RSS feed for you to include in your site. Feel free to include the feed, all I ask is that you provide a link back to If you want to just include the events run by your network or county you can still use the same RSS feed. Please email [email protected] for more details.

Q: Can I link to this site from my website?

Certainly. Ideally you'd use the RSS feed above to display upcoming events. However plain links are more than welcome. If you have an event listed on this site you can use the code below, just cut and paste into your site:

Which will display our current banner like this:

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If you just want to help spread the word about this site you can use the code below, just cut and paste into your site:

Which will display our current banner like this:

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We are currently working to improve our banners, so please bear with us as we craft our image :)

Q: How can we thank you for promoting our event on this site?

Thank you for thinking of me! I provide this site for free as a service to scouting however as an ex Networker, Scout Leader and Fellowship member I am always happy to accept invites to events listed here! :) Email [email protected]

I would also appreciate sites linking back here to help spread the word. See the above FAQ points for help in doing so.

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